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Qronoport is a collaborative data sharing platform that makes port calls more efficient by combining data from various sources, processing and visualizing that data, and sharing the data with other involved stakeholders. Qronoport creates one single source of truth, cuts time spent on communication, and makes sure every stakeholder has the data needed to operate as efficiently as possible. 

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Portcall Mobile

PortCall Mobile is our vessel movement reporting app for the Antwerp maritime community. It allows stakeholders in port calls to proactively track all movements of their incoming, outgoing or shifting vessels. Getting notified when your vessels move has never been easier.

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Bulkchain is a collaborative communication platform, built on NxtPort technology, dedicated to the breakbulk industry. Bulkchain facilitates standardized and digital administrative and operational communication about breakbulk shipments. Bulkchain lets forwarders, terminals and ship agents communicate in an efficient way about breakbulk shipments, eliminating unnecessary paper, telephone calls, e-maill and attachments.



For any local cargo owners, forwarders, international traders or importers outside the Benelux, our online PortDepartures solution offers instant and easy access to the most competitive quotes from shipping line and agents with the best service to any destination in the world.



Our online PortCall solution offers precise, real-time information on each movement of each vessel entering and moving within the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zeebrugge and Ghent as well as the Zeeland ports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen,



Our online PortDirectory as well as our Antwerp Yearbook and Port Agenda publications have the most detailed and up-to-date list of contacts in every company and organization active in Belgian and Zeeland ports.



Port+ offers your organization a number of services that can increase the efficiency of your business. These include personalized notifications from our vessel reporting team, operating 24/7 at the main locks that control access to the port of Antwerp, as well as a team specialized in customs and hazardous goods clearance to help you with structural or ad hoc support.

Vessel Reporting

Due to our neutral position in the various port communities and our close relationship with the main port and federal authorities, we have access to a whole range of data.

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Since 1999, we have been providing customers the service of declaring incoming goods to the Customs for the Ports of Antwerp, Ghent, and Zeebrugge.

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Port+ is also a licensed ICC publisher of the useful two-sided poster highlighting the main INCOTERMS® 2020 commonly used in the lifecycle of a shipment from origin to destination.

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