Vessel Reporting

Due to our neutral position in the various port communities and our close relationship with the main port and federal authorities we have access to a whole range of data.  Combining the information from various sources allows us to give an accurate overview of the timings of your vessels.

Vessel tracking 

Our dedicated and experienced staff is available 24/7 to follow the whereabouts of your vessels.  You can ask us to warn you when a certain ship movement has passed (e.g. arrival at pilot station, entering/exiting the lock, shifting between berths…).  Alternatively you can take a subscription which allows you to call our staff any time of the day for an update on your vessel’s movements.  They can also assist you to do the necessary administrative updates in the various port systems.

Red Alert List

In case of emergencies or calamities in the port area you may want to be kept up to date about the measures taken by the port authorities.  You can subscribe to our Red Alert list; we will then keep you informed when such events occur from the moment they arise until the “all clear” sign is given by the port authorities.

Following events are reported


– Sinkings / Capsizings, of vessels taking water

– Vessels aground

– Vessels in collisions with other craft or with buoys / piers / wharves / locks etc

– Vessels with fires / explosions on board

– Vessels broken down, adrift, stopped/anchored for repairs


– Due to weather conditions Belgian and/or Dutch pilot stations are temporarily suspended

– Due to repairs / maintenance / technical failure the mentioned lock is out of order

– Due to a collision the authorities have decided to limit traffic

– Due to congestion the authorities have decided to limit traffic

– Due to union strike traffic is delayed

Find here some examples

Vessel Itinerary

We can provide you with a detailed overview of all the movements of your vessel from pilot station to berth and from berth till exiting the port area.

Watch list

Watch lists are one of the most common tools of maritime security and law enforcement, enabling interested parties to maintain a lookout for specific vessels of interest, cargoes and crew members based on prior intelligence.


We can provide you with a range of reports concerning vessels expected to arrive, in port or sailed.

Your advantages

  Experienced and trained staff

  Proximity to the port authorities, first-hand knowledge

  24/7 availability: subscription or (only within Belgium) payphone 0903.99.444

  (Tailor-made) reports

  Reporting when and how you prefer

  Periodical order

  Per vessel order

Feel free to contact us for more information