Waiting time at anchorage, a comparison between vessel types

Tankers and gas carriers have to wait at anchorage much longer and more frequently than other vessel types. On average tankers have to wait more than 19 hours at anchorage for the Port of Antwerp. Gas carriers have to wait about 30 hours. Our analysis of waiting times at anchorage for the Port of Antwerp…
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Waiting time at anchorage for tankers at the Port of Antwerp in 2020

In 2020, average waiting times at anchorage for tankers calling at the Port of Antwerp saw a steep rise in April and May. In the second half of the year, we see a slow return to lower average waiting times. The corona-pandemic definitely had an impact on waiting times at anchorage. Want to know more?…
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An analysis of waiting times at anchorage for the Port of Antwerp

We analyzed more than 32.000 port calls at the Port of Antwerp from 2018 to 2020. 12 hours and 17 minutes, that’s the average waiting time at anchorage for the Port of Antwerp over this 3-year period for all vessel types. Interested in learning more? You can find the results of our analysis in the…
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10 reasons why tanker port calls are not as efficient as they could be

Ten reasons why tanker port calls are not as efficient as they could be. Or in other words: a lot of opportunities to optimize tanker port calls. In this article, we list 10 of the most important reasons why there is currently too much time being wasted during tanker port calls. We believe that data…
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Need an accurate ETB?

Did you know that inaccurate arrival time predictions are one of the largest causes of in-port delays? Our algorithms provide port call stakeholders with accurate berthing times. Want to know how we can help you with an accurate Estimated Time at Berth? Reach out to us via

Port+ improving the efficiency of tanker port calls

Thank you to Tanker Operator and Karl Jeffery for featuring PORT+ and Qronoport in the latest issue of Tanker Operator magazine. The article explores the reasons why we created Qronoport and the huge potential benefits a port call optimization platform like Qronoport can have, taking data sharing and digital collaboration to the next level. You can read the article here. Follow…
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Our CEO will be speaking at the NxtPort International kick-off

Join the Nxtport International kick-off event on March 16th at 13:00 CET. Our CEO Jan Van Dooren will talk about port call optimization and our solution for tackling this challenge: Qronoport. Together with the other event speakers, he will also talk about how data sharing and digital collaboration can push the maritime industry forward. You can register here, or read…
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Bulkchain welcomes Haeger & Schmidt Logistics

We are happy to welcome pilot partner Haeger & Schmidt Logistics on the live environment of the Bulkchain platform. They are using the collaborative platform to interchange information about their shipments with PSA Breakbulk NV/Coil Terminal. This digital interface will help them to make administration more transparent, increase efficiency and prevent errors. Furthermore, it gives them a real-time…
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Port Call Optimization Webinar

Want to learn more about initiatives in port call optimization? We’re part of a new webinar, hosted by The Digital Ship, that will help you better understand port call optimization. Follow us on LinkedIn. #portcalloptimization#maritime#shipping#digitalship February 3th, 2021

Welcome to Zuidnatie and ITC Rubis Antwerp

We’re happy and proud to welcome Zuidnatie and ITC Rubis Antwerp as users of Qronoport. Both terminals use the “Arrivals & Departures” feature of Qronoport to get insight into all vessels calling at their terminals, in one single overview. Qronoport will help both terminals optimize their planning, and it will greatly reduce the need to gather information…
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